It's now even easier to scale up projects with Roboflow.

We launched Roboflow in January with the mission of democratizing computer vision. Our thesis is simple: you shouldn't need to be a team the size of Google or hire a bunch of PhDs to use computer vision to solve your problems.

Since then, we've helped thousands of individual developers working on projects from detecting weapons to flying autonomous drones to monitoring human rights violations. We've also worked closely with teams and enterprises deploying vision to solve massive problems in their industries.

New Pricing Overview

The biggest shift is we're now pricing per image as opposed to per gigabyte. Roboflow continues to be free to get started.

Roboflow Pricing Summary

  • Introducing simple Pay-as-You-Go per image pricing
  • Eliminating the monthly minimum on any paid plan
  • Adding a 90-day data retention policy to any unpaid plan

Pay-as-You-Go: The Details and Rationale

It's become clear that in order to support our mission, we need to lower the barrier to entry. That's why we're eliminating the minimum spend on our paid tiers and offering a simple Pay-as-You-Go option for hobbyists.

We've also discovered that pricing based on storage space doesn't align much with the value we're providing to our customers. There's not a good reason that a 12 megapixel image from a smartphone should cost 100x more than an image from a thermal sensor. Additionally, it was hard for customers to predict how much storage space their datasets would consume since it was dependent on a number of factors including thumbnail sizes, preprocessing settings, and export formats.

So we're switching to a simpler pricing model based on the number of images on your account. Going forward, everyone will get their first 1000 source images and 5000 generated images free. After that, it's simply $0.01 per source image per month and $0.002 per generated image per month.

A source image is one that you upload directly. A generated image is one that Roboflow creates for you based on your preprocessing and augmentation settings.

This shift also results in a cost reduction for most users compared to our old pricing.

The other change to our free accounts is a 90-day retention policy. After 90-days of inactivity, we reserve the right to clear stale datasets on free accounts to ensure we can continue to provide a high quality of service to our paying customers. Paid accounts (including Pay-as-You-Go) will continue to have unlimited data retention; your datasets will be there waiting for you whenever you decide to pick your project back up.


A Hobbyist (previously called "Free-Tier") plan starts at $0 and includes unlimited datasets, unlimited exports, basic augmentations, and a basic dataset health check. If a Hobbyist account goes over 1000 source images or 5000 generated images, it has the option to shift to Pay-as-You-Go. If you need advanced features, you may upgrade to a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Previously, when a user reached their Free-Tier limit, they were required to purchase five gigabytes for $50/mo. Now, users can pay per image, resulting in much more fine-tuned control over their bill.


A Professional plan starts at $15,000/yr (and $500 per seat) and includes advanced augmentations, advanced health checks, one-click labeling and training integrations, team collaboration, a higher level of support (e.g. join our weekly support sessions), and optional add-ons. Pro plans are also subject to the same Pay-as-You-Go pricing for image usage. Contact Roboflow Sales to upgrade.


An Enterprise plans includes the features of a Professional plan, plus a dedicated support agent, virtual private cloud or on-premise deployment, Single Sign On, and custom terms as needed. Contact Roboflow Sales to set up a call to learn more.

Volume Pricing

If you have over 100,000 source images, please contact our sales team. We are offering volume pricing for committed use.