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Prompting Google Bard with Images & How it Compares to Bing

Google Bard Accepts Images in Prompts Google’s large language model (LLM) chatbot Bard recently unveiled a feature to accept image prompts, making it multimodal. It strikes comparisons with a

CVPR 2023 Highlights

Three members of the Roboflow team attended CVPR this year. Read our highlights from the conference and what trends we noticed.

Distill Large Vision Models into Smaller, Efficient Models with Autodistill

Autodistill is a new ecosystem of packages that enable you to distill knowledge from large vision models into smaller, edge-ready models.

What is DINOv2? A Deep Dive

In this guide, we discuss what DINOv2 is, how it works, what problems you can solve with DINOv2, and how to get started with the model.

What is ImageBind? A Deep Dive

In this guide, we dive deep into Meta Research's new ImageBind model. We discuss what the model is, how it works, and its real-world applications.

What is Segment Anything Model (SAM)? A Breakdown.

Learn how Meta Research's new Segment Anything Model works to achieve high performance on image segmentation tasks.

Preview: Roboflow + GPT-4

Roboflow and GPT-4 will be even more powerful when used in conjunction. In this post we preview some of the new features that will be coming to Roboflow in the coming weeks.

Roboflow Community Passes 200k Open Source Datasets

Roboflow’s mission is to democratize access to computer vision. We aim to actively help accelerate the world toward a future where everyone can build with computer vision. As a

Microsoft Research and Roboflow Partner for CVPR 2023 Workshop and Challenge

Roboflow will be partnering with Microsoft to run a challenge oriented around the Roboflow 100 benchmark and a workshop at CVPR.

Speculating on How GPT-4 Changes Computer Vision

OpenAI released GPT-4 showcasing strong multi-modal general AI capabilities in addition to impressive logical reasoning capability. Are general models going to obviate the need to label images and train models?

Announcing the Roboflow SXSW Scavenger Hunt

Play the computer vision-powered Roboflow SXSW Scavenger Hunt for a chance to earn a $1,000 prize.

How to Use Roboflow Models in CVAT

In this article, we show how to use public Roboflow models to speed up annotating in CVAT.

Recap: Roboflow's 12 Days of #Shipmas

Team Roboflow decided to end 2022 strong and kick off 2023 with a bang by shipping 12 new features in 12 days. Updates were made to model-assisted labeling, model training, annotation tools, the REST API, Python SDK, and more.

Launch: Roboflow Notebooks Repo Integration with SageMaker Studio Labs

The Roboflow Notebooks GitHub repo [] contains over 20 open source computer vision notebooks with step-by-step guides on using 13 different computer vision model architectures. Along

📸 Roboflow 100: A Multi-Domain Object Detection Benchmark

Roboflow 100 (RF100) is a crowdsourced object detection benchmark. The dataset consists of 100 datasets, 7 imagery domains, 224,714 images, and 829 class labels with over 11,170 labeling hours.

Roboflow Joins AWS Global Startup Program and Becomes AWS ISV Accelerate Partner

Roboflow is on a mission to democratize computer vision and Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers Roboflow’s model pipeline, which allows us to put computer vision into the hands of

Roboflow now available in the AWS Marketplace

Roboflow’s end-to-end computer vision platform [] is transforming the way businesses use computer vision and now you can get Roboflow through the AWS Marketplace [

WTF COCO - The Weird Images that Underpin Modern Computer Vision Models

COCO [] is an industry standard dataset for benchmarking the performance of object detection models. The dataset was created by "gathering images of complex everyday scenes

How to Train YOLOv5-Classification on a Custom Dataset

YOLOv5 [] is one of the most popular object detection networks in the world, and now object detection isn't the only trick up its sleeve! As

What is YOLOv6? A Beginner's Guide.

In this blog, we give a rundown of the changes made in YOLOv6 and our initial assessments of the new network and repository.

Open source datasets and pre-trained models for computer vision

90,000 Datasets and 7,000 Pre-trained Models Available Roboflow Universe [] launched in August 2021 with 50 open source datasets and opened our computer vision infrastructure

Roboflow Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide can now gain access to Roboflow to take advantage of the end-to-end computer vision platform to give their software the sense of sight. We’re pleased

Computer Vision Saves 4.95 Billion Internet Users from Rickrolling

Roboflow releases new RICK model to end Rickrolling Newton-le-Willows, United Kingdom, 4/1/2022: — Roboflow, a software business that builds tools for developers to use computer vision, is releasing Real-time

SageMaker Studio Lab vs Google Colab

Recently, AWS released SageMaker Studio Lab, its competitor service to Google Colab. I dove into comparing Google Colab to Studio Lab and here is what I found.

Introducing the Roboflow Inference Widget

Now, you can easily test any model that has been trained with Roboflow Train by dragging an image file onto your dataset version page.