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Kate Wagner

Kate is Operations Lead at Roboflow. She has a love for startups and building incredible teams. She also collects navy and white striped shirts.

How We Work Together at Roboflow

Roboflow is pioneering Satellite work as a way of working together remotely. In this post, we discuss what Satellite work is and how it helps our team collaborate.

Launch: Outsourced Labeling in Roboflow

Roboflow offers outsourced labeling via approved partners. Receive the custom annotations you need to train high-quality models.

Recipe for a Company On-site

Creating a magnetic environment for exceptional talent is one of Roboflow’s top priorities. We want our remote-first [] culture to be the best option for

Let's Talk About Company Culture

Company culture is a feeling in the air, the social norms of a group, the manifestation of collective goals and beliefs, and the one intangible thing that can make or