Roboflow is enabling any developer to use computer vision (without being a machine learning expert).

Computer vision is the first technology that fundamentally allows us to rewrite human-computer interaction. Until now, when using computers to interact with the world, humans would assess their environment, provide commands to a computer, and then receive an interpretation. Computer vision flips that script; computers can now interact directly with the world around us without a human in between. This is what gives rise to autonomous vehicles and the technology that identifies cancerous skin lesions more accurately than world-leading doctors.

Computer vision alters human computer interaction.
Computer vision rewrites human-computer-interaction.

To enable the inevitable future where computer vision is a part of everything we do, developers need tools that allow them to add software features to any real world object. We're building Roboflow to usher in this new era.

As a part of that helping us achieve our goal, I'm excited to share that Roboflow is a member of Y Combinator's Summer 2020 batch.

Y Combinator is a startup accelerator that has helped companies like Airbnb, Stripe, Instacart, and Dropbox get their start. The program funds the most promising startups from across the world and provides three months of guidance to ensure companies are on a strong early trajectory.

Y Combinator supported companies.
A few example companies that Y Combinator has supported. See more here.

For the first time in YC's fifteen year history, the Summer 2020 batch was conducted entirely remotely. The Roboflow team rented a house in Des Moines, Iowa to live and work together (complete with dedicated 'Zoom rooms,' a green screen, and dining room filled with standing desks).

The remote batch has enabled us to leverage the best parts of being based in the Midwest with the best parts of Silicon Valley. We've been able to connect with founders and mentors from across the YC ecosystem – over 15 timezones are represented on our Demo Day alone. We learned from the founders of Rappi in Colombia, Podium in Utah, and a host of founders in the Bay Area at companies like Airbnb and Stripe. Our YC Partners have been available at a wide range of hours for one-on-one support.

Roboflow founders Brad Dwyer and Joseph Nelson take a Zoom call.
Brad and I had a dedicated "Zoom room" to maximize our remote experience.

Joining Y Combinator has materially improved how we're building Roboflow. YC is a constant forcing function to focus on customer needs and move faster to serve them. The YC community has been immensely supportive, too – multiple YC companies are now using Roboflow, one of which is now building their entire business on top of our tooling. We're greatly appreciative.

Roboflow will continue moving swiftly to enable any developer to use computer vision. I'm excited to share more with you soon. Until then, happy building!