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Kelly M.

Kelly has a background in both software engineering and data science and is a Developer Advocate at Roboflow.

Launch: Instance Segmentation Project Training and Inference

What Is Instance Segmentation? Instance segmentation [], also known as image segmentation, is the computer vision task of recognizing objects in images along with their associated

YOLOv5 for Oriented Object Detection

In 2024, Ultralytics released YOLOv8 Oriented Bounding Boxes which outperforms YOLOv5. Oriented Bounding Boxes Oriented bounding boxes are bounding boxes rotated to better fit the objects represented on an angle.

Cinco de Mayo, Beer and Taco Dataset with Multi-Label Classification

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of the holiday, we created and trained a multi-label classification [] dataset to detect some favorite edibles used

Building a U.S. License Plate Detection Model And Sharing It On Roboflow Universe

The newest project featured on Roboflow Universe is a U.S. License Plate dataset [] and model with images collected from Google images and around

How To Avoid Bias In Computer Vision Models

There are two different ways to think about algorithmic bias, and they are complementary to one another. The first being the social and ethical side, and second being the more

How to Train Computer Vision Models on Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery are images taken from aircrafts like drones, planes, and helicopters. With these images we can train a model to detect objects like fires, buildings, solar panels, rooftops, maritime