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Making Neural Networks go brum brum in the day, fighting Siths in the night

Collective Communication in Distributed Systems with PyTorch

The full code for this article is on GitHub Today, we will explore the use of PyTorch's distributed collective communication feature. When working with multiple GPUs, it is

What is YOLOv8? The Ultimate Guide. [2024]

The field of computer vision advances with the newest release of YOLOv8, setting a new state of the art for object detection and instance segmentation.

📸 Roboflow 100: A Multi-Domain Object Detection Benchmark

Roboflow 100 (RF100) is a crowdsourced object detection benchmark. The dataset consists of 100 datasets, 7 imagery domains, 224,714 images, and 829 class labels with over 11,170 labeling hours.

Deploying Machine Learning Models with PyTorch, gRPC and asyncio

Today we're going to see how to deploy a machine-learning model behind gRPC service running via asyncio. gRPC promises to be faster, more scalable, and more optimized than

WTF COCO - The Weird Images that Underpin Modern Computer Vision Models

COCO [] is an industry standard dataset for benchmarking the performance of object detection models. The dataset was created by "gathering images of complex everyday

Develop like a Pro with NVIDIA + Docker + VS Code + PyTorch

Everybody hates installing NVIDIA drivers, you have to manually download them, then install cuda [] [], be