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Reed Johnson

Field Engineer @ Roboflow! Turning concepts into reality, I'm all about making technology user-friendly and effective.

Dimension Measurement with Computer Vision

Learn how to measure the dimensions of objects with computer vision.

How to Detect Segments in Videos with Computer Vision

Learn how to detect segments in videos using and an interactive web tool powered by the cLIP computer vision model.

Using the Roboflow License Server

In this guide, learn what the Roboflow License Server is, how it works with Inference, and why you may want to use the server.

How I Built a System to Test My Vacuuming Skills

In this guide, Reed shows how he built a system to test his vacuuming skills with computer vision.

Roboflow Inference: Effortless Local Computer Vision Deployment with Python

In this guide, we show how to use the Roboflow Inference pip package to run computer vision inference on device.