Spring is finally here and there is computer vision in the air! Each month, we share a recap of product and company updates; if you missed last month's edition of the Roboflow Changelog, you can find it here.

Roboflow Organize and Annotate

  • Launched Polygonal Annotation tool
  • Launched Multi-label Classification import and labeling
  • UX enhancements when creating a workspace
  • Mobile responsiveness updates
  • Support binary file uploads in the upload API
  • Added user moderation tool
  • Added support for importing Sagemaker Ground Truth annotation files on all plans
  • Added "filter by class" view for Classification projects (click the class name from Health Check)

Roboflow Train and Deploy

  • Launched Multi-label Classification Training
  • Launched Multi-label Classification Hosted Inference API
  • Inference APIs now support multipart requests
  • Updated webcam demo with per-class confidence thresholds, camera flip option, and custom code integration
  • Support for GPU inference server offline mode when network connection is completely disconnected

Roboflow Universe

  • Added 5 Popular Industry pages (Self Driving, Manufacturing, Gaming, Agriculture, Sports)
  • Inference test widget now supports Single-Class and Multi-Class Classification projects
  • SEO page improvements
  • Mobile responsiveness updates
  • Overall loading and speed improvements