Product Updates

Launch: Synthetic Image Generation with DALL-E and GPT-4 Vision

In this guide, learn how to use Roboflow to generate synthetic data with DALL-E and GPT-4 Vision for use in training vision models.

Launch: Vector Analysis in Roboflow

In this guide, learn how to use the Roboflow vector analysis tool to evaluate models and find opportunities to improve model performance.

Launch: QR Code Model Deployment

Roboflow’s newest feature lets you easily enable anyone to access your models by scanning a QR code to instantly use a model in a mobile browser. You can now

Launch: Filter Image Datasets by Tag

In this guide, we show how to filter image datasets by tag to generate new, refined sets on which you can train a computer vision model.

Open Source Computer Vision Deployment with Roboflow Inference

We are open sourcing the Roboflow Inference Server: our battle-hardened solution for using and deploying computer vision models in production. Learn more in this guide.

Announcing Roboflow Train 3.0

Roboflow Train 3.0 offers higher rates of accuracy and faster training times on average across models you train on Roboflow.

Launch: Outsourced Labeling in Roboflow

Roboflow offers outsourced labeling via approved partners. Receive the custom annotations you need to train high-quality models.

Launch: Verified Organizations on Roboflow Universe

Learn how to discover datasets made by businesses making open source contributions on Roboflow Universe.

The Roboflow Ecosystem

In this article, we review the ways in which you can integrate your project and business with the Roboflow computer vision platform.

How to Use Roboflow Models in Make Sense

Learn how to use Roboflow models to enable model-assisted labeling in Make Sense.

Launch: Deploy Custom Model Weights with Roboflow

In this guide, you will learn how to deploy custom model weights on Roboflow.

Introducing Quickstart: Models in 2 Minutes on Your Machine

Learn how to use Roboflow Quickstart to start running inference on computer vision models in two minutes in a Jupyter Notebook.

Launch: Improving Collaboration and Productivity in Roboflow

Explore the new features added to Roboflow Annotate to assist with annotating and managing images and datasets.

Preview: Roboflow + GPT-4

Roboflow and GPT-4 will be even more powerful when used in conjunction. In this post we preview some of the new features that will be coming to Roboflow in the coming weeks.

Launch: Build Using Roboflow's New API and CLI Features

In this guide, learn how to use new features in the Roboflow API and CLI in your computer vision workflows.

Launch: Comment on Images in Roboflow

In this guide, learn how to leave comments on images in Roboflow for review by members of your team.

Launch: Enterprise Annotation Features

In this article, learn about the new annotation history and analytics features available in the Roboflow Annotate platform.

Announcement: Roboflow On-Prem

Learn about our plans to support on-prem hosting for enterprise customers as well as our new Supashim open source project to support Roboflow on-prem.

Our Commitment to Roboflow for Enterprises

Today, we are excited to announce our SOC II (Type 1) compliance, our new status page, and our CI/CD process for development.

Roboflow Becomes AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner

Roboflow has achieved the AWS Applied AI Machine Learning Competency. Learn more about the competency and how we are partnering with AWS in this blog post.

Build Computer Vision Applications Faster with Supervision

Learn how Supervision, a new Python package with utilities for building computer vision apps, can help you work through your computer vision projects faster than ever.

Launch: Community Features for Roboflow Universe

Learn how to use the new user profile pages and download, star, and view statistics features on Roboflow Universe.

Launch: Roboflow Starter Plan

Learn about the new $249 per month Roboflow plan that gives you access to private projects, more training credits, and other benefits.

Roboflow Changelog: February 2023

Each month, we share a recap of product and company updates. In this post, we detail Roboflow's updates from February 2023.

Deploy Models from Roboflow with the Luxonis DepthAI SDK

The new Luxonis DepthAI SDK Roboflow Integration gives users the option to deploy Roboflow models to OAK devices with more functionality and out-of-the-box options for customization of inferences.