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Launch: YOLO-World Support in Roboflow

Learn how you can use YOLO-World with Roboflow.

First Impressions with Gemini Advanced

Read our first impressions using the Gemini Ultra multimodal model across a range of computer vision tasks.

Identify Solar Panels in Aerial Imagery with Computer Vision

Learn how to identify solar panels in aerial imagery with computer vision.

Roboflow's 12 Days of #Shipmas: 2023

Learn about the 12 features Roboflow released as part of #Shipmas2023.

NeurIPS 2023 Papers Highlights

Introduction NeurIPS 2023, the conference and workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems, took place December 10th through 16th. The conference showcased the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This

First Impressions with Google’s Gemini

In this guide, we evaluate Google's Gemini LMM against several computer vision tasks, from OCR to VQA to zero-shot object detection.

Comparing Custom Models to Google Cloud Vision API

In this guide, we go over how to evaluate object detection models on Roboflow Universe versus Google Cloud Vision.

Launch: Synthetic Image Generation with DALL-E and GPT-4 Vision

In this guide, learn how to use Roboflow to generate synthetic data with DALL-E and GPT-4 Vision for use in training vision models.

Roboflow Video Inference with Custom Annotators

Performing real-time video inference is crucial for many applications like autonomous vehicles, security systems, logistics, and more. However, setting up a robust video inference pipeline can be time consuming. You

GPT-4 Vision Alternatives

Explore alternatives to GPT-4 Vision with Large Multimodal Models such as Qwen-VL and CogVLM, and fine-tuned detection models.

Launch: Roboflow Logistics Pre-trained Object Detection Model

Starting a machine learning model from zero is computationally expensive and time-consuming. Pre-trained models solve this by offering a jump-start: they come with learned features from extensive training on large

Using Stable Diffusion and SAM to Modify Image Contents Zero Shot

Introduction Recent breakthroughs in large language models (LLMs) and foundation computer vision models have unlocked new interfaces and methods for editing images or videos. You may have heard of inpainting,

Detect and Segment Oil Spills Using Computer Vision

The article below was contributed by Timothy Malche, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Applications at Manipal University Jaipur. Introduction An oil spill in the sea is a

How to Classify Images with DINOv2

In this guide, we walk through how to classify images using DINOv2 and a dataset from Roboflow Universe.

What is ImageBind? A Deep Dive

In this guide, we dive deep into Meta Research's new ImageBind model. We discuss what the model is, how it works, and its real-world applications.

Multimodal Models and Computer Vision: A Deep Dive

In this post, we discuss what multimodals are, how they work, and their impact on solving computer vision problems.

Zero-Shot Image Annotation with Grounding DINO and SAM - A Notebook Tutorial

In this comprehensive tutorial, discover how to speed up your image annotation process using Grounding DINO and Segment Anything Model. Learn how to convert object detection datasets into instance segmentation datasets, and use these models to automatically annotate your images.

Grounding DINO : SOTA Zero-Shot Object Detection

Most object detection models are trained to identify a narrow predetermined collection of classes. Zero-shot detectors like Grounding DINO want to break this status quo by making it possible to detect new objects without re-training a model.

Roboflow Community Passes 200k Open Source Datasets

Roboflow’s mission is to democratize access to computer vision. We aim to actively help accelerate the world toward a future where everyone can build with computer vision. As a

Deploy Models from Roboflow with the Luxonis DepthAI SDK

The new Luxonis DepthAI SDK Roboflow Integration gives users the option to deploy Roboflow models to OAK devices with more functionality and out-of-the-box options for customization of inferences.

Recap: Roboflow's 12 Days of #Shipmas

Team Roboflow decided to end 2022 strong and kick off 2023 with a bang by shipping 12 new features in 12 days. Updates were made to model-assisted labeling, model training, annotation tools, the REST API, Python SDK, and more.

Launch: YOLOv8 Models on Roboflow Universe

Pre-trained YOLOv8 models are available for testing and deployment on Roboflow Universe. Test and Deploy YOLOv8 Object Detection models in the app through the Models page.

Launch: Use Universe Models for Label Assist and Training

In this guide, learn how to use public models on Roboflow Universe to assist you with labeling and to speed up the process of building an accurate model.

Top 6 Gaming Datasets for Computer Vision Projects

Today's article will show you the top 6 gaming datasets from Roboflow Universe [] to help provide inspiration for using video games or

Top 7 Sports Datasets for Computer Vision Projects

Computer vision and image processing are used widely in sports to significantly influence athletes and team performance. Implementing computer vision techniques is a turning point in the transformation and development