Computer Vision

Launch: Roboflow OAK pip package

roboflowoak pip package lets you natively interface with your Roboflow workspace through Python scripts and deploy to an OAK device.

YOLOv5 for Oriented Object Detection

Oriented Bounding BoxesOriented bounding boxes are bounding boxes rotated to better fit the objects represented on an angle. Take a pill detection dataset for example. Using YOLOv5-obb we are able

The Ultimate Computer Vision Deployment Guide (Which Computer Vision Deployment Method is Best for You?)

Should you deploy your model with via a web-hosted API? What about to an edge device like an NVIDIA Jetson or Luxonis OAK? How about onto a mobile device like

How many images do you need to train a model?

At Roboflow, we talk to dozens of machine learning researchers, engineers, and software engineers, and get this question multiple times a day. The number of images you need to train

Building a U.S. License Plate Detection Model And Sharing It On Roboflow Universe

The newest project featured on Roboflow Universe is a U.S. License Plate dataset and model with images collected from Google images and around Central Florida parks. This dataset and

Precision and Recall in Machine Learning

By the end of this blog post, you should be able to... Understand how precision and recall affect your model's performanceChoose when to optimize precision or recall when operating with

How To Avoid Bias In Computer Vision Models

There are two different ways to think about algorithmic bias, and they are complementary to one another. The first being the social and ethical side, and second being the more