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Predicting the Optimal Connect 4 Move with Computer Vision

In this blog post, our goal is to explore the intersection of computer vision and game theory through the lens of a familiar classic: Connect 4. We'll be

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How to Label Image Data for Computer Vision Models

This guide discusses what image labeling is and how to effectively label images for use in training computer vision models.

How to Moderate Video Content

Learn how to use the Roboflow Video Inference API to moderate video content.

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In this guide, we walk through a few tips and best practices showing how to provide detailed, useful labeling instructions to outsourced labelers.

How to Use Label Studio to Annotate Images

In this guide, we discuss what Label Studio is, some of the main features offered in Label Studio, and how to upload and annotate images in Label Studio.

Automated Labeling for Images Organized in Folders

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Improve Accuracy: Polygon Annotations for Object Detection

In this blog post, we will explore how you can improve your object detection model performance by converting your bounding box annotations to polygon annotations. We will also discuss the

5 Best Image Annotation Tools in 2023

Explore the top five image annotation tools you can use to label data for your next computer vision project.

What is CVAT (Computer Vision Annotation Tool)?

Learn how to annotate images in CVAT, an open-source, web-based tool for labeling data for object detection, segmentation, classification, and other tasks.

VoTT for Image Annotation and Labeling

A guide on using VoTT to label your own computer vision dataset.