Case Studies

How To Train and Deploy an ANPR System

Learn how to train and deploy a license plate detection model for use in building an ANPR system.

Smart Home Monitoring with Computer Vision and IoT

Learn how to monitor and control your smart home with computer vision and IoT technology.

Predicting the Optimal Connect 4 Move with Computer Vision

In this blog post, our goal is to explore the intersection of computer vision and game theory through the lens of a familiar classic: Connect 4. We'll be

Book Reading Time Tracker using Computer Vision

Learn how to use computer vision to track for how long you have been reading a book in a session.

Realtime Video Stream Analysis with Computer Vision

In this guide, we use computer vision to process multiple live video streams to perform analysis and gain insights.

Detect and Describe Flowers with Computer Vision and Generative AI

Use computer vision to detect the location of and describe flowers in an image using computer vision and ChatGPT.

Using Computer Vision to Create AR Experiences

This blog post is contributed by Hart Woolery, Founder and CEO, 2020CV. Introduction I’ve always been fascinated by special effects in movies and video games. My career took an

Counting Rebar with Computer Vision

Learn how to build an application that counts rebar using computer vision.

Coffee Bean Inspection with Computer Vision

There are several quality checks that need to be run on coffee beans before they are packaged and ready for delivery. A professional taster will “cup” coffee to ensure it

Monitor and Analyze Retail Queues Using Computer Vision

Learn how to monitor retail queues to identify when customers have been waiting for too long.

Assess Car Damage with Computer Vision

Learn how to assess visual car damage using computer vision.

Security Camera Monitoring with Computer Vision

Every new hire at Roboflow creates a visionary project in their first two weeks. The visionary project is an opportunity to build what "scratches your itch" with computer

Build a Juice Box Quality Inspection System

Learn how to build a system that ensures the integrity of straws on juice boxes.

Chocolate Box Quality Inspection with Computer Vision

Learn how to build a chocolate box quality assurance system with computer vision.

Bottle Cap Inspection with Computer Vision

Learn how to use computer vision to verify the integrity of bottle caps on an assembly line.

Use Cases for Computer Vision in Healthcare

In this guide, we explore use cases for computer vision in healthcare, from pill counting to building automated inventory management systems.

First Impressions with Gemini Advanced

Read our first impressions using the Gemini Ultra multimodal model across a range of computer vision tasks.

Missing Item Inspection with Computer Vision

Learn how to check if there are missing items in a batch of a product on an assembly line using computer vision.

Identify Solar Panels in Aerial Imagery with Computer Vision

Learn how to identify solar panels in aerial imagery with computer vision.

Glass Inspection with Computer Vision

Learn how to build a system to inspect glass with computer vision.

Build an Appearance Inspection System with Computer Vision

Learn how to build an appearance inspection system in a manufacturing facility with computer vision.

Deploy a Wood Surface Inspection System

In this guide, learn how to use a wood surface inspection system to identify defects on wood.

Occupancy Analytics with Computer Vision

Computer vision can be used to understand videos for real-time analytics and automatically gather information about complex physical environments.

Blue Eco Line Reduces River Pollution with Roboflow and Intel Sapphire Rapids

Introduction Over 150 million tons of plastic lie in the planet's oceans, with studies finding that only 20% of plastic waste at sea is linked to maritime activities.

How to Build a Yard Management System with Computer Vision

This guide walks through how to build a yard management system using computer vision technology.