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Predicting the Optimal Connect 4 Move with Computer Vision

In this blog post, our goal is to explore the intersection of computer vision and game theory through the lens of a familiar classic: Connect 4. We'll be

Deploy and Monitor Computer Vision Models in Any Cloud with Roboflow and SkyPilot

Learn how to deploy computer vision models in any cloud using Roboflow and Skypilot.

How to Use OCR on Videos

In this guide, we cover the process of how to use OCR on videos together with computer vision to solve real-world problems.

Build a Gesture-Based Light Controller with Computer Vision

Learn how to build a gesture-based light controler using computer vision

First Impressions with the Claude 3 Opus Vision API

The Roboflow team ran several computer vision tests using the Claude 3 Opus Vision API. Read our results.

Build an Image Search Engine with CLIP using Intel Gaudi2 HPUs

Learn how to use the Intel Gaudi2 chip to build an image search engine with CLIP embeddings.

Launch: Train and Deploy YOLO-NAS Models on Roboflow

Learn how to train a YOLO-NAS model on Roboflow and host the model on your own hardware.

Broadcast Computer Vision Predictions with Apache Kafka

Learn how to broadcast predictions from a computer vision model to an Apache Kafka receiver.

How to Broadcast Computer Vision Predictions Over MQTT

Learn how to broadcast computer vision predictions over the MQTT protocol.

Run Computer Vision Models on a RTSP Stream on a NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano

The Roboflow Inference Pipeline is a drop-in replacement for the Hosted Inference API that can be deployed on your own hardware. The Inference Pipeline interface is made for streaming and

Use an Image Classification API to Classify Images

Learn how to use the CLIP-powered Roboflow image classification API to assign labels to images.

​​How to Use a Product Recognition API

Learn how to use the Roboflow product recognition API to identify the presence or absence of products on a retail shelf.

How to Use an Image Captioning API

In this guide, learn how to set up and use an image captioning API that you can use to programmatically generate image captions.

Deploy a Wood Surface Inspection System

In this guide, learn how to use a wood surface inspection system to identify defects on wood.

How to Analyze a Folder of Videos from AWS S3

In this guide, learn how to analyze a folder of images with machine learning models using data stored in an AWS S3 bucket.

Launch: Label, Train, Deploy Support for Keypoint Detection Models in Roboflow

Learn how to label data for and train keypoint detection models using Roboflow.

Building an IoT-Powered Exercise Tracker with Computer Vision

In this article, Timothy Malche shows how he built a push up counting system with computer vision.

How to Deploy CogVLM on AWS

Guide on deploying a CogVLM Inference Server with 4-bit quantization on Amazon Web Services, covering setup of EC2 instances, configuring hardware and software requirements, and starting the inference server with Docker.

How to Deploy CogVLM

In this guide, learn how to deploy the CogVLM multimodal model on your own infrastructure with Roboflow Inference.

How to Use Grounded EdgeSAM

Learn how to use Grounded EdgeSAM to auto-label data for use in training an image segmentation model.

Comparing Custom Models to Google Cloud Vision API

In this guide, we go over how to evaluate object detection models on Roboflow Universe versus Google Cloud Vision.

How to Moderate Video Content

Learn how to use the Roboflow Video Inference API to moderate video content.

How to Deploy Computer Vision Models Offline

In this guide, we walk through how to deploy computer vision models (i.e. YOLOv8) offline using Roboflow Inference.

How to Blur People in Images and Videos with an API

In this guide, we show how to use the Roboflow Video Inference API and supervision to blur people in images and videos.

How to Load Image Embeddings into Pinecone

In this guide, learn how to calculate CLIP embeddings with Roboflow Inference and save the results in a Pinecone vector database.