The Guide to AI OCR [2024]

Learn what AI OCR is and how it is used in computer vision.

What is Handwriting Recognition?

In this guide, we go over an overview of handwriting recognition, including the use cases, challenges, and ways of using of handwriting recognition, as well as a tutorial.

How to Use OCR on Videos

In this guide, we cover the process of how to use OCR on videos together with computer vision to solve real-world problems.

Best OCR Models for Text Recognition in Images

See how nine different OCR models compare for scene text recognition across industrial domains.

How to Use OCR in Manufacturing

In this guide, we discuss how OCR is used in manufacturing and how you can apply OCR in a manufacturing facility.

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Learn what Optical Character Recognition is, what problems can be solved with OCR, and explore the approaches used by OCR algorithms to identify characters.

How to Detect Text in Images with OCR

This guide shows how to use the Roboflow OCR API as part of a two-stage detection system that identifies regions of interest and reads text in them.