Monitor and Analyze Retail Queues Using Computer Vision

Learn how to monitor retail queues to identify when customers have been waiting for too long.

Missing Item Inspection with Computer Vision

Learn how to check if there are missing items in a batch of a product on an assembly line using computer vision.

Occupancy Analytics with Computer Vision

Computer vision can be used to understand videos for real-time analytics and automatically gather information about complex physical environments.

Blue Eco Line Reduces River Pollution with Roboflow and Intel Sapphire Rapids

Introduction Over 150 million tons of plastic lie in the planet's oceans, with studies finding that only 20% of plastic waste at sea is linked to maritime activities.

How to Build a Yard Management System with Computer Vision

This guide walks through how to build a yard management system using computer vision technology.

How to Build a Parking Lot Monitoring System with Computer Vision

In this guide, we show how to build a parking lot occupancy monitoring system with computer vision.

Use Cases for Computer Vision in Analytics

Learn how to use computer vision in your data analytics pipelines.

Launch: Roboflow Logistics Pre-trained Object Detection Model

Starting a machine learning model from zero is computationally expensive and time-consuming. Pre-trained models solve this by offering a jump-start: they come with learned features from extensive training on large

Using Computer Vision to Improve Railway Safety

In this guide, we show how to use computer vision to identify hazardous situations on railways for use in building safety systems.

How to Use Computer Vision to Monitor Inventory

Real-time insights extracted from video streams can drastically improve efficiency for how industries operate. One high-impact application of this is in inventory management. Whether you’re a factory manager looking

Using Computer Vision to Keep Stock of Inventory

This is a guest post written by Steven Pereira, Crystal Hu, Joanna Liu, Yuting Shen, and Frank Zhou. It has been lightly edited by the Roboflow team. Issues with Manual

Reducing Traffic with Computer Vision

How Transport for Cairo is Improving Commuting for Millions with Computer Vision Reducing traffic in well-planned cities where bus routes are well-mapped, subways are running on a predictable cadence, and