You can now export the bounding boxes from your object detection dataset as cropped images usable with classification models. This update will enable easily prototyping two-pass models for use-cases like OCR and object tracking.

Isolate Objects is now available as a preprocessing step.

To try it out, simply enable the Isolate Objects preprocessing step and generate a new version of your dataset.

Isolated chess pieces.

This will generate one image (with one full-frame annotation) for each bounding box in the original dataset.

Choose OpenAI Clip Classification format.

This allows you to export in the OpenAI Clip Classification format which converts your object detection dataset into a classification dataset. If you inspect the output, you'll see that your cropped bounding boxes are now organized into folders according to their class name.

Images exported for classification.

You can now use one of our image classification models or upload back into a new classification project to use Roboflow Train to train a model.