When you log into your Roboflow account you'll notice a fresh look, but the features you know and love are all still just a click away. We've reorganized the app to make things easier to find, simpler to navigate, and primed for future enhancement.

Video overview of our new UI.

Datasets are now "Projects"

As Roboflow's feature set has expanded, calling everything a "dataset" has made less and less sense. We've renamed what were previously called datasets as "projects" which are the container for related images, annotations, versions, and models.

Upload and Annotate get a home

In the previous incarnation of our user interface, it was hard to find commonly used actions like adding and annotating new images. These features are now first-class citizens with dedicated space in your projects' main sidebar navigation.

New Generate workflow

Did you ever experience information overload when creating a version of your dataset? Five actions were fighting for your attention all on one page. No more; Generating a version is now a guided and sequential workflow, showing you only the things most relevant for the specific task you're performing at a given moment.

Train and Deploy options are front and center

Once you've generated a version, the next thing you'll want to do is use it! Whether you're using our models or your own, we've emphasized the myriad methods we support to export, train and deploy.

These changes are the first in a sequence of upgrades coming over the next few months. Our goal is to be the easiest way to integrate computer vision into your applications to solve your business' unique problems. Stay tuned as we add features to streamline the process and expand its capabilities. The new UI is available to everyone now; log into your Roboflow account to give it a spin.