Computer vision has the potential to positively impact businesses of all sizes across all industries. Our customers today range from prominent automotive manufacturers like Rivian to construction businesses like USG to health care service providers like Cardinal Health and retail businesses like Walmart.

As we pursue our goal to help businesses solve more problems with computer vision, we have been hard at work on improving what we can offer to enterprise clients who have greater scale, data security, and compliance needs.

Today, we are excited to announce three new launches to advance our commitment to meeting enterprise-grade business requirements:

  1. Our SOC II (Type 2) compliance;
  2. The launch of a new status page and;
  3. Our new CI/CD process for development.

Let’s review the three aforementioned changes and how they impact our ability to serve large enterprises. We'll also talk about our architecture for scalability.

SOC II Compliance

Data security and integrity is taken seriously by every employee at Roboflow. The services we use for authentication, database, and file storage have SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 compliance. We are PCI compliant with an Attestation of Compliance. Employees are bound by NDAs with customers to ensure full discretion when we provide support to help you solve the computer vision problems your organization faces.

In January 2023, Roboflow attained SOC 2 Type 1 compliance. An independent auditor has confirmed that our organization meets the requirements necessary to attain this requirement. This certification is an attestation to the extent to which the entire Roboflow organization operates in accordance with the security, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy requirements that enterprises expect from us.

We are actively working toward achieving SOC2 Type 2 compliance later this summer.

Since this article was originally published, Roboflow has achieved SOC2 Type 2 compliance. (August 2023)

The Roboflow Status Page

Roboflow provides a range of online utilities for use in building computer vision applications, from our training solution to our hosted API on which you can run inference. As an organization evaluating computer vision solutions, we understand the importance of being able to access information about the reliability of the solutions you are evaluating.

To provide visibility into the performance of all of our services, we have launched a new Roboflow Status Page. Through this status page, you can see the state of our application at the moment you check the page (i.e. has degraded service been identified across any of our products, are there any ongoing incidents), and view past performance for our application.

Our CI/CD Process

The Roboflow engineering team has implemented a strict CI/CD policy for our application. This policy touches many areas, from leveraging Git and GitHub to the greatest extent for collaborating on code to building a robust deployment pipeline in the cloud to using a secure secrets management system.

Code requires review from at least one other engineer before the changes can be merged to the main branch of our codebase. Engineers are provided with feedback where appropriate to assure the highest standards of code and to help team members learn how to make the best possible contributions to our code.

Our developer operations team tracks all deployments to our application. All new deployments are announced to the team so that every employee has visibility into when our application has changed. This empowers all members of the team with the context necessary to report issues that have been noticed since a deployment, thus allowing us to be more responsive to any issues we notice in our software.

This section speaks to a few of the many parts of the rigorous CI/CD process through which every code change goes to assure the reliability and integrity of our application.

Architected for Limitless Scalability

Roboflow has been architected from the ground up for almost limitless scalability. From event-driven, loosely-coupled distributed systems to scalable cloud-native  application deployments on the biggest hyper-scale cloud providers, enterprises utilizing the Roboflow platform can be assured of zero bottlenecks in their machine vision pipelines and workflows.

The same architecture empowers the Roboflow team to deliver new features to users quickly and with high confidence. Hundreds of thousands of Roboflow users complete the rapid innovation loop in the Roboflow product, ensuring that enterprises are always at the forefront of machine vision technology.


Roboflow handles sensitive data – both images and customer data – for a range of large enterprises, from Walmart to Rivian to USG. Our pursuit of SOC II compliance, the launch of our status page, our CI/CD process, and our scalable architecture are some of the ways in which we strive to maintain the highest level of operational practices so you have confidence your data is secure and our services are scalable and reliable.