We've seen tremendous interest in Roboflow from the research community. Faculty and students from institutions ranging from California to Malta to Taiwan have been using Roboflow to accelerate their computer vision work.

Roboflow enables them to focus on the outcomes of their experiments, not organizing images, annotations, and writing boilerplate infrastructure code. University researchers in robotics, agriculture, drone imaging, and everything in between have accelerated their output with Roboflow.

Absent Roboflow, teams spend time on areas that are not novel to their research, like converting file types or writing OpenCV code to adjust the brightness of an image.

For students and researchers, additional training credits and increased account limits are available for research and education. Apply to received advanced Roboflow features for your project.

Using Computer Vision to Advance Microbiology Research Processes

Michael Shamash is a Master’s student in the Maurice Lab at Canada's McGill University studying malnutrition and the active role of bacteriophages in the infant gut microbiome.

Michael used Roboflow to facilitate the production of an app that utilizes a computer vision model in the counting of plaques to accelerate common Petri dish assays (OnePetri). The app is available on Apple's App Store, and the dataset will be publicly available on Roboflow in the coming weeks.

Announcement for the release of OnePetri (iOS) and a short video of the app in action. By @michaelviridae

Roboflow for Universities

Due to the increasing interest in computer vision projects at research institutions, we're making our call to support university research more explicit. If you are in faculty leading a research lab, course, or group of students, we're eager to help accelerate your work.

We're able to support your group with Roboflow site licenses, including uncapped storage, unlimited dataset versions, one-click preprocessing and augmentation, and export to any annotation format – VOC XML, COCO, JSON, even TFRecords.

Moreover, take advantage of Roboflow's 90,000+ public datasets to bootstrap data collection for problems in your domain.

Roboflow for Students

If you're an individual student working on a computer vision project within Roboflow, please get started with Roboflow on our Public tier.

If you'd like additional storage or premium features, the Roboflow team is happy to support your work.

In fact, we may even promote your findings on this blog. We offer free additional student licenses in cases where the outputs of the research can be shared publicly.