Roboflow Universe is home to over 100 million images and 10,000+ pre-trained models. On Universe, you can find images to use in computer vision models for a variety of domains, including construction, PPE detection, plant disease identification, and more.

Today, we are excited to announce the addition of Organizations on Roboflow Universe. This feature enables businesses to use Universe as a platform to show their open-source datasets and pre-trained models. These datasets may include benchmarks, reference datasets, improvements on existing open source datasets, and other information relevant to a business.

Here is an example of a profile for an Organization, Roboflow 100 (RF100):

In this guide, we’ll talk about how the Verified system works and what information we show on Verified profiles. Let’s get started!

Obtaining a Verified Organization Page on Universe

An Organization page on Universe enables businesses to create a special profile page that shows both a description of their organization as well as the public datasets and pre-trained models they have contributed to the Roboflow Universe community.

You can use your profile to:

  1. Group together all of the projects, datasets, and pre-trained models you have published on Roboflow;
  2. Publish a custom description visible to everyone who comes across your profile on Universe showing and;
  3. Create a link to which you can point customers, researchers, team members, and other stakeholders in your organization to showcase your computer vision projects.

For instance, Roboflow collaborated with Intel to build Roboflow 100, a pioneering benchmark for object detection models on domain-specific tasks. The 100 datasets that comprise the underlying benchmark were open-sourced onto Universe and now show up on Intel’s Verified Organization profile, showing their contributions to the computer vision community.

Here is how the Intel profile page is displayed:

On this profile page, Intel’s logo appears alongside a check mark indicating their verified status and shows a description summarizing Intel’s contributions to the open source computer vision community. Below this, all of the datasets Intel have starred appear. These are the 100 datasets grouped under the Roboflow 100 organization.

If you have published datasets under your organization account, they will show up in a Projects list (seen in the RF100 example at the beginning of this article).

As a verified Organization, you can customize your description to show off your open source contributions and include links to relevant sources (i.e. your company website, research papers, repositories you have created that pertain to computer vision).

How to Become a Verified Organization

At present, verification is available on request. To become verified, contact us at with an email address on file that is associated with your Roboflow account and a description of what you are aiming to achieve by becoming verified. If you are a customer, contact your account manager to inquire about becoming verified.

As a verified organization, you will be eligible to appear on the Roboflow homepage, providing your brand with exposure to our community of computer vision practitioners. Being featured on our homepage increases the likelihood that people will find your datasets and, in turn, use them to help advance common goals in the computer vision community.

At the time of writing this post, Intel, Snap, Inc, and the Roboflow 100 organization are all verified and featured on the Universe homepage:

We are excited to see how the new verified organizations feature makes it easier for our users to both discover interesting datasets and build an understanding of novel contributions to computer vision made by pioneering organizations.