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Jay Lowe

Jay Lowe

Jay is a field engineer at Roboflow with a background in deep learning, full stack development, and marine research.

AWS Ice Lake Comparison: Benchmarks and Insights

Historically, GPUs have been the go-to for computer vision training, providing excellent performance for training different model types. But, GPU-optimized computing is not your only option for running computer vision

How to Create Segmentation Masks with Roboflow

In this guide, you will learn how to create segmentation masks with the results of a computer vision model hosted on Roboflow.

Machine vision applications with wearable devices

Using machine vision in industry XR Tech [https://xrtech.global/] is a UK based solutions provider for extended reality (XR) technologies, digital transformation, and automation in industry. XR Tech uses

The Ultimate Computer Vision Deployment Guide

Should you deploy your model with via a web-hosted API? What about to an edge device like an NVIDIA Jetson or Luxonis OAK? How about onto a mobile device like

Precision and Recall in Machine Learning

Precision and recall are key metrics in the pocket of a machine learning and computer vision model builder to evaluate the efficacy of their model. By having a firm understanding