Roboflow's SaaS offering has served users at over half of the Fortune 100. We already offer enterprise-grade security, scalability, SLA's, and functionality that suits the needs of Walmart, Cardinal Health and companies operating in sensitive industries like healthcare, defense, and public safety.

But sometimes there are legal and compliance requirements around data residency, FedRAMP certification, or corporate policies that prohibit customers from using our cloud offering or current on-premise deployment options.

On-Prem Today

Roboflow's platform consists of two major components: Dataset Management, and Train/Deploy.

Our training and deployment options can be fully self-hosted at customer facilities on bare metal, or in customers' own clouds. This is a popular option and prevents sensitive realtime data from ever leaving your devices and meets the needs of most organizations.

Most customers deploy on-premise & use cloud-hosted dataset management.

For dataset management, most customers use our cloud-hosted platform today. Training images can usually be stripped of sensitive data like faces and health information before being added to the platform.

For particularly sensitive projects, there is an option to self-host Roboflow's full platform using Terraform on Google Cloud Platform (this mirrors our production environment and relies heavily on GCP's cloud-native services like Firebase, Cloud Run, and BigQuery).

Expanded Self-Hosting Coming Soon

Today, we're excited to announce that we are working with select partners to expand the capability and flexibility of our fully self-hosted option.

You will soon be able to self-host the entire Roboflow platform.

Roboflow and all of its dependencies will soon run in a cloud and hardware agnostic Kubernetes environment. This will allow us to serve customers who deal with classified information and need FedRAMP compliance (via AWS GovCloud), need to maintain data residency in their own country, or need to run all of their infrastructure on a particular cloud.

We're working closely alongside several enterprises to ensure this new offering meets their stringent security and deployment requirements. If your enterprise is interested in using Roboflow to manage your computer vision projects but needs a self-hosted option, please reach out to our sales team.

Supashim: New Open Source Project

To power our on-prem offering, we're releasing a new open source project called Supashim.

GitHub - roboflow/supashim: Use Supabase as a drop-in replacement for Firebase
Use Supabase as a drop-in replacement for Firebase - GitHub - roboflow/supashim: Use Supabase as a drop-in replacement for Firebase

Supashim enables self-hosting Firebase projects by using Supabase as a drop-in replacement. To migrate from Firebase to Supabase, you simply replace the firebase global with supashim and it translates all of your Firebase calls to talk to a Supabase backend instead.

This project is under heavy development and isn't yet ready for use in production, but we hope that by open-sourcing it we can help others self-host their Firebase-powered apps as well.

Get In Touch

If your organization is interested in exploring self-hosting Roboflow, please contact our sales team.