Roboflow’s newest feature lets you easily enable anyone to access your models by scanning a QR code to instantly use a model in a mobile browser. You can now quickly get your model into the hands of anyone with a mobile phone to test models or benefit from your trained model for any use case.


Using the QR Code Feature

Once you've successfully trained your model on Roboflow, navigate to the Deploy section of your project. Here, the system will display a unique QR Code associated with each trained model in your project.

Using a mobile device, scan the provided code. Upon doing so, your phone's camera interfaces with the trained model, enabling real-time use directly on a mobile device.

Benefits of Accessing Models on Mobile

The QR Code functionality makes it easy for you to share models in various settings without needing to deploy the model to device hardware or connect the model through an API. It’s an immediate way to get the model into the field for use or testing. The QR Code offers a direct connection to your model.

Especially advantageous for those needing to quickly assess model performance across varied environments or input scenarios.

Use Cases for QR Code Deployment

  • Manufacturing: Equip lineworkers with models to assist them in tasks or deploy models to the edge in your facilities.
  • Retail: Use models in stores for real-time product or tag identification.
  • Field Services: Allows direct field use of models focused on equipping people with additional context for any given task (wildlife identification, asset management, inspections, repairs, etc) .
  • Events & Workshops: Provides an immediate, practical demonstration of computer vision models without the need for any configuration.

3D Printer Defect Detection Model

COCO Common Objects in Context


The new QR Code deployment feature in Roboflow streamlines the process of deploying models to mobile devices. When seeking efficient methods to distribute new models for testing or field use cases, this offers a direct and practical approach without custom engineering work