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What is Amazon Rekognition (in 60 Seconds or Fewer)?

Amazon's Rekognition is Amazon's off-the-shelf computer vision API for understanding the contents of images. It's basically a model that has some standard, known common objects that you might expect to find given images – maybe chairs, plants, or pieces of furniture and things like this. You can use that API in your app send up an image, and get back a detection for classification for some of these generic known items.

What if I Want to See Objects that are Now in Amazon Rekognition's API?

Then you need to build a custom model for those specific objects of interest. That's the tools that we work on Roboflow, so you can easily bring your own data set, do a little bit of labeling, train up, and have an API set up that you can use directly in your app for classification and object detection – even setting a confidence level of those objects of interest. You can then continuously improve your model over time as well.

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