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What is PaddlePaddle (in 60 Seconds or Fewer)?

You likely ended up on this post because you Googled "PaddlePaddle machine learning" or "PaddlePaddle Baidu." PaddlePaddle (PArallel Distributed Deep LEarning) is Baidu's – the Chinese equivalent of Google, the search engine – open source machine learning framework. It's similar to PyTorch or TensorFlow. It contains the primitives that you need to implement deep learning models.

PaddlePaddle recently came into the popular eye in computer vision because in the last year there's a new model called PP-YOLO, which is one of the newest models in the YOLO family of models that came after YOLOv5  but before Scaled-YOLOv4. PP-YOLO advanced some state of the art metrics in terms of its comparison to YOLOv4 and even the YOLov5 implementation. PP-YOLO is native to the PaddlePaddle framework.

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