Welcome to the first of our monthly changelogs where we will be cataloging our recent feature additions and improvements.

Roboflow Organize

Roboflow Train

  • Surfaced test set metrics by class
  • Validated train/test splits
  • Added support for upcoming on-device inference feature
  • Onboarded >100 new beta testers (reach out if interested)
  • Added error handling for corrupt images
  • Improved speed when loading large datasets

Roboflow Infer

  • Speed improvements
  • Improved usage tracking
  • Created video inference script
  • Improved reliability
  • Outputted images now visualize boxes on the original (not preprocessed) input
  • Released a sample web app
  • Rigorous load testing
  • On-device offering in private beta testing (reach out if interested)

Roboflow Annotate

We've been quietly beta testing our new self-serve labeling tool with a select group of users. Wide release is imminent! Stay tuned.