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What is CoreML (in 60 Seconds or Fewer)?

CoreML is Apple's machine learning framework for doing on device inference. When you're doing on device inference, you want to be especially considerate of creating a model that is small, low latency, and uses low power consumption. CoreML allows you to easily have a model file – known as a .mlmodel file in the Apple ecosystem– to deploy to iPhones and Apple devices. The model format is optimized to make use of Apple's Neural Engine, so that the models run faster, with lower power consumption.

You can create a CoreML model using some a tool like CreateML. You can also import your .h5 file from TensorFlow or your .pt file from Python. Basically, CoreML is an easy way to get up and going in the Apple ecosystem for on device machine learning.

No-Code Computer Vision with Apple’s CreateML
At their Worldwide Developer’s Conference in 2019, Apple added object detectionsupport to CreateML [https://developer.apple.com/machine-learning/create-ml/],their no-code machine learning app. This means, in theory, you can get a trainedmodel suitable for use in your iPhone application without wr…

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