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How Your Favorite Brands Are Using Computer Vision

If you’ve ever tried to explain how computer vision works to your friends, family or colleagues, you probably know that it can be hard to do. This is especially

Choosing the Right Problem Statement

Creating a computer vision model, at the outset, seems like a pretty involved task. Even if you’re using an end-to-end solution [] like Roboflow, the

For the People, By the People

Computer vision, on the whole, is an ambitious undertaking. We are developing technology that can see the world as we see it - to recognize simple objects like trees and

Building vs. Buying a Computer Vision Platform

“You could do what Roboflow does yourself but…why would you?” -Jack Clark, Co-Founder of Anthropic [], former Policy Directory at OpenAI [], It’s

What Does "End to End" Really Mean?

Developing, deploying and optimizing computer vision models used to be a cumbersome, painful process. With Roboflow, we sought to democratize this technology, which (first and foremost) meant knocking down the

Why Roboflow Train?

If deployment is the magic of computer vision, then the act of training a model is the proverbial wave of that wand. Training a computer vision model is the process

3 Things You Should Know From This Year's 2021 Startup Summit

Last week, I attended the 2021 Startup Summit [] from my home office in Des Moines, Iowa. Perhaps one of