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Roboflow Community Passes 200k Open Source Datasets

Roboflow’s mission is to democratize access to computer vision. We aim to actively help accelerate the world toward a future where everyone can build with computer vision. As a

Microsoft Research and Roboflow Partner for CVPR 2023 Workshop and Challenge

Roboflow will be partnering with Microsoft to run a challenge oriented around the Roboflow 100 benchmark and a workshop at CVPR.

Building a Computer Vision Assisted Pill Inspection System

The article below was contributed by Timothy Malche, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Applications at Manipal University Jaipur. Pill Inspection System Overview This project creates a system

Roboflow Collaborates with Intel to Deliver Next Generation Computer Vision Pipeline for Enterprises

Roboflow joined the Intel Disruptor Initiative to push the limits of innovation in real-world computer vision applications. Roboflow and Intel are working together to democratize access to computer vision by

Launch: Collaborative Annotation Updates

Roboflow’s Collaborative Annotation [https://blog.roboflow.com/annotation-workflow/] and Label Only User [https://blog.roboflow.com/labeler-access/] features have helped over 100,000 users annotate more than 100 million

Launch: Roboflow Notebooks Repo Integration with SageMaker Studio Labs

The Roboflow Notebooks GitHub repo [https://github.com/roboflow-ai/notebooks] contains over 20 open source computer vision notebooks with step-by-step guides on using 13 different computer vision model architectures. Along

Launch: Roboflow Integration with Ultralytics HUB

Ultralytics, the creators of YOLOv5, and Roboflow now support an integration making it easier to import YOLOv5 models from HUB to Roboflow, export datasets to Ultralytics HUB from Roboflow, and

School Bus Detection Using YOLOv5 (Tutorial – Part 2)

This is a guest post by Kristen Kehrer [https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristen-kehrer-datamovesme/https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristen-kehrer-datamovesme/] , Developer Advocate at CometML [https://www.comet.com/site/].  Since

Launch: Semantic Segmentation for Labeling, Training, Deployment

Roboflow [https://app.roboflow.com/] now supports semantic segmentation projects end-to-end allowing you to use Roboflow Annotate [https://roboflow.com/annotate] to label data, Roboflow Train [https://roboflow.com/train]

Launch: Cloning Images from Open Source Datasets

Since its launch in August 2021, Roboflow Universe has become the largest collection of open source datasets and pre-trained computer vision models [https://blog.roboflow.com/computer-vision-datasets-and-apis/]. Our goal is

Roboflow Joins AWS Global Startup Program and Becomes AWS ISV Accelerate Partner

Roboflow is on a mission to democratize computer vision and Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers Roboflow’s model pipeline, which allows us to put computer vision into the hands of

Launch: Use YouTube Videos for Training Data and Inference Testing

When building a computer vision application from scratch, two of the most time consuming parts of the process are finding data to train the model and quickly testing the performance

Launch: Smart Polygon Labeling

Roboflow Annotate [https://roboflow.com/annotate] now offers automated polygon labeling for all users. With as few as one click, you can apply a polygon annotation to objects in your

How to Train YOLOv5 Instance Segmentation on a Custom Dataset

YOLOv5 is usually associated with object detection and is one of the most popular networks in the world for that task. Recently, image classification was added to YOLOv5, and it

Roboflow now available in the AWS Marketplace

Roboflow’s end-to-end computer vision platform [https://roboflow.com/] is transforming the way businesses use computer vision and now you can get Roboflow through the AWS Marketplace [https://aws.amazon.

WTF COCO - The Weird Images that Underpin Modern Computer Vision Models

COCO [https://blog.roboflow.com/coco-dataset/] is an industry standard dataset for benchmarking the performance of object detection models. The dataset was created by "gathering images of complex everyday scenes

How to Train YOLOv5-Classification on a Custom Dataset

YOLOv5 [https://blog.roboflow.com/yolov5-improvements-and-evaluation/] is one of the most popular object detection networks in the world, and now object detection isn't the only trick up its sleeve! As

Launch: Dataset Search

Roboflow Annotate [https://roboflow.com/annotate] has been used to manage and label 90,000 datasets containing 66 million images [https://blog.roboflow.com/computer-vision-datasets-and-apis/] and starting today you can

What is TensorFlow Lite?

TensorFlow Lite [https://www.tensorflow.org/lite], often referred to as TFLite, is an open source library developed by Google [https://developers.googleblog.com/2017/11/announcing-tensorflow-lite.html] for deploying

Launch: Search Datasets and Assign Jobs

Roboflow Annotate [https://docs.roboflow.com/annotate] has been used to label over 66 million images and as teams collaborate to manage large datasets [https://blog.roboflow.com/annotation-workflow/], it’

What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow [https://www.tensorflow.org/overview] is Google's open source machine learning framework. They released it for the purposes of making it simpler and easier to implement machine learning models

Open source datasets and pre-trained models for computer vision

90,000 Datasets and 7,000 Pre-trained Models Available Roboflow Universe [https://universe.roboflow.com/] launched in August 2021 with 50 open source datasets and opened our computer vision infrastructure

What is cuDNN?

NVIDIA CUDA Deep Neural Network (cuDNN) is a GPU-accelerated library of primitives for deep neural networks. cuDNN [https://developer.nvidia.com/cudnn] is built on top of the CUDA [https:

Launch: Label Only Role-based Access Control

Roboflow Annotate [https://roboflow.com/annotate] has been used to label over 66 million images and teams have been able to label more images with our recent release of collaborative