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PaliGemma: An Open Multimodal Model by Google

PaliGemma is a vision language model (VLM) developed and released by Google that has multimodal capabilities. Learn how to use it.

GPT-4o: The Comprehensive Guide and Explanation

Learn what GPT-4o is, how it differs from previous models, evaluate its performance, and use cases for GPT-4o.

Using Computer Vision to Create AR Experiences

This blog post is contributed by Hart Woolery, Founder and CEO, 2020CV. Introduction I’ve always been fascinated by special effects in movies and video games. My career took an

Blue Eco Line Reduces River Pollution with Roboflow and Intel Sapphire Rapids

Introduction Over 150 million tons of plastic lie in the planet's oceans, with studies finding that only 20% of plastic waste at sea is linked to maritime activities.

NeurIPS 2023 Papers Highlights

Introduction NeurIPS 2023, the conference and workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems, took place December 10th through 16th. The conference showcased the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This

Launch: Roboflow Video Inference API

In this post, we introduce the Roboflow Video Inference API, a hosted solution for running fine-tuned and foundation models on videos.

Distilling GPT-4 for Classification with an API

In this guide, learn how to distill GPT-4V to train an image classification model.

Improving Vision Model Performance Using Roboflow & Tenyks

This is a guest post with Jose Gabriel Islas Montero (ML Engineer and Evangelist at Tenyks), and Dmitry Kazhdan (CTO & Co-Founder at Tenyks) Introduction When improving an object detection

Roboflow Computer Vision Models on Intel® 4th Generation Xeon Processors

With the rise of large language models (LLM’s), people often forget about the vast, important world of computer vision. This world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by

Scaling up ViT Image Classification on Gaudi2 HPUs

Training large image transformers comes with heavy compute requirements - enter the Gaudi2 from Habana Labs, an Intel company.

Using Computer Vision to Clean Up San Francisco Streets

“Data is like garbage. You’d better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it.” - Mark Twain Introduction 4.5 trillion cigarettes are at

Using Computer Vision for Online Exam Proctoring

This article was contributed to the Roboflow blog by Abirami Vina. Introduction Digital transformation is a common practice in various fields, including education. There has been a significant shift towards

Floor Plan Analysis with Computer Vision

This article was contributed to the Roboflow blog by Abirami Vina. Introduction A floor plan is a detailed architectural drawing that represents a two-dimensional layout of a building or space

How to Use Computer Vision for Environment Monitoring

This article was contributed to the Roboflow blog by Abirami Vina. Measuring changes to our environment is an important part of understanding progress made toward a more sustainable world. Historically,

Detect and Segment Oil Spills Using Computer Vision

The article below was contributed by Timothy Malche, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Applications at Manipal University Jaipur. Introduction An oil spill in the sea is a

Build a Chess Game Recorder with Computer Vision

This article was contributed to the Roboflow blog by the team at A1H1. Introduction The project of making an automated chess game recorder started after finding out that a chess

Pose Estimation Algorithms: History and Evolution

This article was contributed to the Roboflow blog by Abirami Vina. What is Pose Estimation? Pose estimation, also called keypoint detection, is a computer vision technique that pinpoints the key

How to Use Generative AI to Augment Computer Vision Data

Dive deep into, a tool for generative data augmentation created by to improve the quality of datasets.

Using Apple Vision Pro and visionOS with Computer Vision

On June 5th, 2023, at WWDC, Apple announced their biggest combination of hardware and software in years. The “one more thing” announcement this year – wherein Apple announces a product toward

Automated Computer Vision Inspection of Physical Pipelines

In this guide, we show how to identify various types of pipeline defects using computer vision.

Not All mAPs are Equal and How to Test Model Robustness

Learn how to stress-test the robustness of computer vision models.

Launch: Label Data with Segment Anything in Roboflow

We are excited to release support for zero-shot segmentation labeling in Roboflow Annotate using Meta AI’s Segment Anything Model (SAM). Using the Smart Polygon feature, you’re accessing a

Synthetic Data Generation with NVIDIA and Roboflow

Learn how to build computer vision models that leverage synthetic data using NVIDIA Omniverse and Roboflow.

Roboflow Becomes AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner

Roboflow has achieved the AWS Applied AI Machine Learning Competency. Learn more about the competency and how we are partnering with AWS in this blog post.

Roboflow Community Passes 200k Open Source Datasets

Roboflow’s mission is to democratize access to computer vision. We aim to actively help accelerate the world toward a future where everyone can build with computer vision. As a