Welcome to this month's installment of the Roboflow Changelog highlighting all the updates we've pushed in the past month. The update for last month can be found here.

In June we pushed our major revamp of the backend that supports collaboration between team members ("Workspaces"). It's now easier for teams to work together (even as individual team members join and leave) and share unified plan and billing information. Additionally, we extended our support for Classification datasets through to Roboflow Train and Roboflow Deploy.

Roboflow Organize

  • Release of Workspaces to better support teams
  • Front-end to support Classification in Roboflow Train and Deploy
  • Completed migration to Tailwind
  • Improved onboarding and conversion systems
  • Created process for account deletion requests
  • Integrated BigQuery for better (internal) querying

Roboflow Train

  • Added support for Classification
  • Expanded support for more GPUs and instance types
  • Created a "priority" queue for paying customers' Train jobs

Roboflow Infer

  • Released v2 of hosted inference (refactored backend, simplified URL scheme, better parameter names, new workspace-aware API keys)
  • Added support for Classification
  • Added "offline mode" (air-gapped on-premise) to the Roboflow Inference Server for Enterprise users.

Roboflow Annotate