Each month, we publish a list of recent features and additions to the Roboflow suite of products. The previous month's update is here.

In May there has been a bevy of backend changes to support a huge user-facing release coming next month. The most noticeable updates this month were the launch of our OpenCV AI Kit integration and the addition of Classification dataset support in Roboflow Annotate.

Roboflow Organize

  • Backend refactor to support upcoming changes to team sharing
  • Preparation for a major user-facing release scheduled for next month 🤐
  • User testing and iterating on the new UI we launched last month
  • Updated dependency versions to pull in upstream bug fixes

Roboflow Train

  • Improved autoscaling and concurrency for higher model training throughput
  • Added additional memory to support larger datasets
  • Added support for training classification models (currently in pre-release with enterprise customers; contact sales if you want access to the beta)

Roboflow Infer

Roboflow Annotate

  • Added support for editing classification labels