The changelog is our compendium of monthly updates. If you want to take a walk down memory lane, you can being your trip back in time with last month's edition.

In April, our major product efforts centered around launching our brand new user interface. This redesign of our core flow with "end to end" in mind sets the stage for a series of major new features we have planned for release in the coming months.

Roboflow Organize

  • Launched our all-new user interface
  • Revamped new-user tutorial
  • Expanded "datasets" to "projects" that contain not only your images and annotations but also trained models and deployments
  • Updated backend UI framework and development pipeline

Roboflow Train

  • Backend updates for a new deployment target (launching very soon)

Roboflow Infer

  • Frontend updates for a new deployment target (launching very soon)

Roboflow Annotate

  • Added "Repeat Previous" annotation tool for labeling video frames
  • Launched a class and box focus mode (on box and sidebar hover)
  • Visualized "null" and "unannotated" images differently
  • Updated to work with very large images
  • Make the UI elements resolution independent
  • Added pinch to zoom (and zoom with the mousewheel)