Each month we bring you the high level bullet-points of improvements and additions to Roboflow. If you missed it, last month's changelog is here.

In March we were focused on expanding Roboflow's inference capabilities with the release of on-device NVIDIA Jetson support, our open source video inference library, a Python webcam inference demo, and example code snippets in 8 programming languages.

Roboflow Organize

  • Updated onboarding flow to customize user experience based on user persona.
  • Improved chat-bot triggers to be less intrusive.
  • Added ability to revoke API Keys.
  • HEVC/H.265 video detection & alert.
  • Detect image upload issues (eg firewall block) and surfaced helpful message.
  • Added Upload API examples in 8 programming languages.

Roboflow Train

  • Updated our GPU infrastructure and achieved 3.4x faster training times.
  • Backend work to support upcoming deployment targets.
  • Improved early stopping heuristics.

Roboflow Infer

Roboflow Annotate

  • Added new public model to Label Assist.
  • Improved default zoom value.
  • Enabled "Show Source" to see transformed images' original source.
  • Fixed 9 bugs.