Each month, we share a recap of product and company updates; if you missed the last edition of the Roboflow Changelog, you can find it here.

Roboflow Organize and Annotate

  • Remapping in Label Assist. You now have the option to change the class names for labels when activating label assist. This will ensure the labels applied fit your desired class structure.
  • Updates to the Polygon Tool labeling process. We've made it easier to pan on larger images while labeling, and visualize when you're "closing" a polygon.

Roboflow Train and Deploy


Roboflow Universe

  • "Starring" Roboflow Universe projects

Projects from Roboflow Blog Contributors


Announcement Post
  • Updates to the in-app Roboflow Tutorial
  • Updated the Roboflow Model Library
  • Added a new Computer Vision Templates page to help users with connecting computer vision models to their required personal or business application
  • Celebrated 1 year anniversaries for 1 team member
  • Roboflow Sales and Operating Team Onsite in Austin, TX (along with a few members of the Marketing Team)
  • Team meet-ups in Los Angeles, CA and Des Moines, IA
Los Angeles, CA

User Projects