Our emphasis this month was on "code tentacles", or improving the ways that Roboflow integrates with your codebase. Below is a recap of what we launched and improved. Rewind to last month's (September 2021) changelog for a recap of earlier releases.

Roboflow Organize

  • Released our REST API with the aim of eventually allowing you to perform any action you can currently do in Roboflow's web UI with code.
  • Launched our PIP package which makes it dead simple to use Roboflow's APIs in your Python scripts or Jupyter notebooks.
  • Added a new streamlined pathway for custom notebook users.
  • Improved the team invitation flow.

Roboflow Train and Deploy

Roboflow Universe

  • Launched on Product Hunt.
  • Added backend tools to make it easier to find and highlight projects.
  • Launched creator profile pages.
  • Added serverside rendering for pretty share links.
  • Featured 7 new projects.