A question we often get is "How is Roboflow different from Scale?" The truth is, Roboflow works great in conjunction with outsourced labeling services like Scale, LabelBox, SuperAnnotate, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, and Mechanical Turk.

We support importing your annotations directly from many of their APIs and Roboflow's Pro tier can even import SageMaker Ground Truth manifest files directly from an S3 bucket so you can have Amazon annotate your images and use them in your own training infrastructure or on another cloud platform. (Plus, if you're a startup, Roboflow can help you use your AWS credits for labeling and annotation jobs!)

In fact, if you're still evaluating which labeling provider is right for you, Roboflow is the easiest way to test out multiple options. And, since we work seamlessly with all of the most popular tools, its also the best way to avoid vendor lock-in. Our dataset visualization and quality control tools can also help you evaluate the quality of different labeling vendors.

Roboflow picks up where labeling stops off. Whether you're annotating images yourself with tools like CVAT, LabelMe, VoTT and LabelImg or have contracted with someone else to outsource your labeling, Roboflow makes using those labeled images in your preferred training pipeline a breeze.

Want us to show you how our labeling integrations work? Contact our sales team and we'll be happy to give you a demo.