Welcome to our monthly changelog where we catalog our recent feature additions and improvements. If you missed it, you can find last month's changelog here.

This month we launched Roboflow Annotate, an integrated image annotation tool included in all Roboflow plans. In the first few weeks, over 1500 users have already cumulatively spent over 2500 hours labeling images!

Roboflow Organize

Roboflow Train

  • Included in-app visualization of models' predictions on their datasets' validation and test sets.
  • Added (optional) hyperparameter evolution beta for Pro users (reach out if you're interested in trying it out).

Roboflow Infer

  • Detailed the philosophy behind our hosted model API.
  • Improved inference speed by ~300ms.
  • Added ability for enterprise customers to deploy their hosted model APIs to other AWS regions.
  • Onboarded several users to our on-device edge deployment private beta (reach out if interested).
  • Fixed confidence and overlap thresholds in the sample web app.

Roboflow Annotate