Each month, we share a recap of product and company updates; if you missed the last edition of the Roboflow Changelog, you can find it here.

Roboflow Organize and Annotate

  • Added an Assign tab to make it easier to search for unassigned images
  • Added the ability to annotate with Polygons
  • Enhanced project card UI to make it easier to understand project information at a glance
New Project Cards
  • Updated the tutorial flow to remember your progress and added an option to skip the tutorial
  • Enhanced API to allow image uploads to a custom batch
  • Added a Dataset Search feature to help you filter and find images with text-based search descriptions, filenames, and/or dataset split.

Roboflow Train and Deploy

Roboflow Universe

New Universe project cards
  • Enhanced Universe project landing pages to include citations and the ability to search for similar datasets
Surfacing similar projects on Universe dataset landing pages
New citations on Roboflow Universe projects

Projects from New Interns