Each month, we share a recap of product and company updates; if you missed the last edition of the Roboflow Changelog, you can find it here.

Roboflow Organize and Annotate

  • Semantic Segmentation Labeling
Creating a Semantic Segmentation Project
Labeling UI
Find Similar Images (Accessible in Annotate and Dataset Search)

Roboflow Train and Deploy

Roboflow Universe

  • Updated the Roboflow Universe Hero Image
  • Universe Search Filtering and Styling Updates

New Tutorials

Projects from New Employees


  • Celebrated 1 year anniversaries for 1 team member
  • Welcomed 1 new employee (Machine Learning Field Engineer)
  • Roboflow Product Team Onsite in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Team meetups in San Francisco, CA, and Des Moines, IA
San Francisco, CA

User Research Publications and Projects