Computer Vision

GPT-4 with Vision: Complete Guide and Evaluation

In this guide, we share findings experimenting with GPT-4 with Vision, released by OpenAI in September 2023.

Transforming the Raspberry Pi into a Squirrel Sentry with Computer Vision

In this guide, Warren shows how he built a system that detects the presence of squirrels on his property with computer vision.

How I Built a Wheel of Fortune Game with Roboflow

In this post, Warren shows how to build a computer vision-powered Wheel of Fortune game with Roboflow.

What is DETR?

In this guide, we discuss what DETR is, how it works, the strengths and disadvantages of DETR, and how DETR performs.

What is R-CNN?

In this guide, you will learn what R-CNN is, how it works, the advantages and disadvantages of the R-CNN architecture, and how R-CNN performs.

Training a Custom Package Detection Model with Two Labeled Images

In this guide, we show how to train a segmentation model with two labeled images that detects packages using Autodistill and SegGPT.

Enhancing Child Safety with Computer Vision

This article was contributed to the Roboflow blog by Abirami Vina. Introduction Child safety is a priority for parents and caregivers, an issue society takes seriously. While traditional safety measures

Using Computer Vision to Improve Railway Safety

In this guide, we show how to use computer vision to identify hazardous situations on railways for use in building safety systems.

Evaluating Roboflow: Do You Need a Proof of Concept?

Many organizations assume that incorporating a Proof of Concept (POC) is necessary in their technical evaluation process for computer vision software. With that said, a POC is not always necessary:

How to Build an Image-to-Image Search Engine with CLIP and Faiss

In this guide, we show how to build an image-to-image search engine using CLIP and faiss.

Improving Vision Model Performance Using Roboflow & Tenyks

This is a guest post with Jose Gabriel Islas Montero (ML Engineer and Evangelist at Tenyks), and Dmitry Kazhdan (CTO & Co-Founder at Tenyks) Introduction When improving an object detection model,

Roboflow Computer Vision Models on Intel® 4th Generation Xeon Processors

With the rise of large language models (LLM’s), people often forget about the vast, important world of computer vision. This world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by

Scaling up ViT Image Classification on Gaudi2 HPUs

Training large image transformers comes with heavy compute requirements - enter the Gaudi2 from Habana Labs, an Intel company.

Using Computer Vision to Clean Up San Francisco Streets

“Data is like garbage. You’d better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it.” - Mark Twain Introduction 4.5 trillion cigarettes are at

How to Monitor a Video with Computer Vision

In this guide, we show how to monitor a video for the presence and absence of objects across frames and time in a video.

How to Run Inference with UDP on Roboflow Inference

In this guide, we show how to run inference using computer vision models over a UDP connection.

How to Use SAHI to Detect Small Objects

In this guide, we show how to use the SAHI implementation in the supervision Python package to detect small objects in images.

Label Data, Train, and Deploy a Vision Model in One Command

In this guide, we show how to use the Autodistill command line interface to label data for, train, and deploy a computer vision model.

Use Cases for Computer Vision Foundation Models

In this guide, we discuss what foundation models are and explore four use cases for computer vision foundation models.

What is Mask2Former? The Ultimate Guide.

In this guide, we discuss what Mask2Former is, how the model works, and how Mask2Former performs on various computer vision tasks.

How to Use Node-RED with Roboflow

In this guide, we show how to run inference on computer vision models with Roboflow and Node-RED.

Using Computer Vision for Online Exam Proctoring

This article was contributed to the Roboflow blog by Abirami Vina. Introduction Digital transformation is a common practice in various fields, including education. There has been a significant shift towards

What is Data Augmentation? The Ultimate Guide.

In this guide, we talk about what data augmentation is, how augmented data can boost model performance, and how augmentations are used in computer vision.

How to Use Computer Vision to Monitor Inventory

Real-time insights extracted from video streams can drastically improve efficiency for how industries operate. One high-impact application of this is in inventory management. Whether you’re a factory manager looking

Deploying OpenAI's CLIP Model on a NVIDIA Jetson Orin

In this guide, we show how to deploy OpenAI's CLIP model to an NVIDIA Jetson using the Roboflow Inference Server.