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How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing Video Production

In this article, learn how Artificial Intelligence is and could create more powerful tools for the video production industry to use.

Roboflow Changelog: December 2022

Each month, we share a recap of product and company updates. In this post, we detail Roboflow's updates from December 2022.

HPU vs GPU - Benchmarking the Frontier of AI Hardware

When you are training machine learning models, it is essential to pick hardware that optimizes your models performance relative to cost. In training, the name of the game is speed per epoch – how fast can your hardware run the calculations it needs to train your model on your data.

Launch: Use Universe Models for Label Assist and Training

In this guide, learn how to use public models on Roboflow Universe to assist you with labeling and to speed up the process of building an accurate model.

How to Train YOLOv7 Instance Segmentation on a Custom Dataset

In this article, we're going to walk through how to detect concrete cracks using instance segmentation.

AWS Ice Lake Comparison: Benchmarks and Insights

Historically, GPUs have been the go-to for computer vision training, providing excellent performance for training different model types. But, GPU-optimized computing is not your only option for running computer vision

Monitor Movement in Retail Stores with Computer Vision

In this article, we walk through how to monitor movement in areas of a retail store using computer vision

Launch: Collaborative Annotation Updates

Roboflow’s Collaborative Annotation [] and Label Only User [] features have helped over 100,000 users annotate more than 100 million

What is Semi-Supervised Learning? A Guide for Beginners.

In this post, we discuss what semi-supervised learning is and walk through the techniques used in semi-supervised learning.

Computer Vision Assisted Structural Damage Inspection Using Drones

In this post, Timothy Malche walks through how to inspect structural damage with computer vision and drones.

Launch: Roboflow Notebooks Repo Integration with SageMaker Studio Labs

The Roboflow Notebooks GitHub repo [] contains over 20 open source computer vision notebooks with step-by-step guides on using 13 different computer vision model architectures. Along

Launch: Roboflow Integration with Ultralytics HUB

Ultralytics, the creators of YOLOv5, and Roboflow now support an integration making it easier to import YOLOv5 models from HUB to Roboflow, export datasets to Ultralytics HUB from Roboflow, and

Track Football Players with Computer Vision

In this post, we use a YOLOv5 detection model and state-of-the-art tracker ByteTRACK to track football players.

Preventing Accidents on Construction Sites with Computer Vision

In this article, we discuss how a community member built a system to prevent accidents on construction sites.

Studying Links Between Litter and Socio-Economic Factors with Computer Vision

In this post, we talk about a report that studies links between litter and socio-economic factors with help from computer vision.

Roboflow Changelog: November 2022

Each month, we share a recap of product and company updates. In this post, we detail Roboflow's updates from November 2022.

How to Create Segmentation Masks with Roboflow

In this guide, you will learn how to create segmentation masks with the results of a computer vision model hosted on Roboflow.

Top 6 Environment Datasets for Computer Vision Projects

In this article, we highlight six open-source datasets you can use to solve various problems related to the environment with computer vision.

📸 Roboflow 100: A Multi-Domain Object Detection Benchmark

Roboflow 100 (RF100) is a crowdsourced object detection benchmark. The dataset consists of 100 datasets, 7 imagery domains, 224,714 images, and 829 class labels with over 11,170 labeling hours.

Turn Analog Dials into Digital Data with Computer Vision

In this article, we discuss how to turn information displayed on analog dials into digital data.

What is a Confusion Matrix? A Beginner's Guide.

In this guide, we discuss what a confusion matrix is and how to use them to evaluate the performance of a computer vision model.

5 Hobbyist Computer Vision Project Ideas

This article discusses five ideas of projects you could build to help you learn about computer vision.

What is Image Classification? A Guide for Beginners

In this guide, we talk about what image classification is and what problems you can solve with image classification.

Monitoring My Caffeine Intake with Computer Vision

In this post, learn how to build a tool that monitors how many cups of tea or coffee you drink in a day.

Deploying Machine Learning Models with PyTorch, gRPC and asyncio

Today we're going to see how to deploy a machine-learning model behind gRPC service running via asyncio. gRPC promises to be faster, more scalable, and more optimized than HTTP v1.