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Object Detection

Building an Autonomous Vehicle with Object Detection

Ampera Racing [] is a team formed by students from UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina []) with the objective of developing an electric

Launch: Instance Segmentation Project Training and Inference

What Is Instance Segmentation? Instance segmentation [], also known as image segmentation, is the computer vision task of recognizing objects in images along with their associated

Launch: Roboflow OAK pip package

roboflowoak pip package lets you natively interface with your Roboflow workspace through Python scripts and deploy to an OAK device.

Boxing Punch Detection Using Computer Vision

One of the best parts about joining Roboflow [] is doing a computer vision project in your first 2 weeks. As someone who loves to workout, I

YOLOv5 for Oriented Object Detection

Oriented Bounding Boxes Oriented bounding boxes are bounding boxes rotated to better fit the objects represented on an angle. Take a pill detection dataset for example. Using YOLOv5-obb [https://github.

Testing A Computer Vision Model In 10 Seconds Or Less

Roboflow Inference Widget Last December we introduced the Roboflow inference widget on Roboflow Universe. A feature that helps developers test trained models by dragging and dropping images they expect the

How to Train Computer Vision Models on Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery are images taken from aircrafts like drones, planes, and helicopters. With these images we can train a model to detect objects like fires, buildings, solar panels, rooftops, maritime